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Luxury That Drives

Handcrafted Italian Leather Belts
for the Avid Supercar Collector

Here, just steps away from Italy's famous Motor Valley, we conceived this belt while watching prototypes and supercars like yours zoom by every day.

We're The Designers
We're Master Artisans
and We're Italian
What More Could You Ask For ?

In a small workshop in Northern Italy, we created this belt because we believe

Sports Car Drivers Have Unique Needs

and nobody knows that better than Italians.

This exclusive handcrafted leather belt, inspired by the world of luxury sports cars, is more than an accessory; it's a statement.
It bridges the gap between owning a supercar and embodying the essence of that world in your daily life.
Whether you're at the wheel or stepping out of your prized vehicle, this belt is the missing piece of your automotive journey, and it's waiting for you.

Sometimes the passion that men can feel for sports cars  goes beyond basic appreciation, and it becomes something that is part of their lifestyle.

Steering Wheel-Shaped Belt Buckle

The classic three-spoke steering wheel, recognizable by all motorsports and racing fans, reproduced as a belt buckle and produced in only 250 pieces.

steering wheel buckle
carbon fiber leather

Carbon Fiber-Look Leather

This leather is produced only occasionally and on-demand, and comes from one of the 2 biggest Italian leather districts. The recognizable two-tone diagonal pattern typical of carbon fiber is carefully reproduced.

100% Made in Italy

Too often we find shops full of products labeled ‘Made in Italy’ that are actually only partially assembled in Italy at best. For us, Made in Italy means something that is designed, developed, created, finished and packaged by artisans who are Italian and work in Italy.


This is a Limited Edition with a maximum production of 250
Steering Wheel-Shaped Buckles!

Don’t let this unique and extraordinary item pass you by!
This is a first come, first served opportunity and these 250 luxurious leather belts sell faster than the 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of your sport car

automotive leather belt
certificate of authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Each belt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artisan who made the belt, attesting its exclusivity and reporting the Limited Edition number.


To give more exclusivity to your belt, you can choose between different colors (sides and thread) to better match with your style or car. You can also request to have your monogram or name, laser engraved on the belt loop.

carbon fiber-look leather
business man

Perfect Fit

No short or long tail or pre-made belts.
True luxury is custom made and you’ll be in contact with an authentic Italian artisan to create a perfectly sized leather belt.


Limited Edition

We are a small company of Italian artisans who do not outsource anything.
Everything is carefully handmade in our small workshop in the foothills of northeast Italy.
Our mission is to offer individual and bespoke goods.
only 250 of these steering wheel belt buckle leather belts will be produced worldwide.

Enjoy their work, save their traditions

Meet the artisan and read why this belt is so important for us


Once upon a time, in a serene village in northern Italy during the 1950s, there lived a humble family. Within that family were two brothers: Roberto and Silvano. Growing up in a world where hard work was the norm, Roberto and Silvano learned from a young age the craft of leatherworking, a skill their father had passed down to them. They crafted small leather goods that they sold at local markets and village shops. They may not have had much, but they had their family and a passion for their craft.

Their love for leather grew with them, and the scent of tanned leather became an essence of their lives. But there was something else that ignited their souls: Italian sports cars. They had heard of legends like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Since childhood, they dreamt of driving one, of feeling the power of the engine and the elegance of the aerodynamic lines. However, they were growing up in a world where the luxury of owning a supercar was beyond their reach, so they remained faithful to their passion for the artisanal work of leathercraft.

Occasionally, they would take a walk in the famous Italian Motor Valley and watch the sports cars zooming down the road. It was like seeing their dream brush past them, always just out of reach. But they never gave up. At the pinnacle of their careers, when they finally had the time and perhaps the resources to afford one of these supercars, retirement age was looming. They realized that their dream of owning, but even driving, one of these marvels had perhaps slipped away. They decided that if they could never afford one of those coveted cars, they would still bring a bit of that excitement into the lives of those who did own them.

leather workshop

And so, this belt was born, one of a kind, utilizing genuine Italian leather with a carbon fiber look, a distinctive feature of supercars. The buckle, specially designed, mimics a three-spoke steering wheel, the quintessential symbol of historic sports cars. Each belt is meticulously handcrafted with care and devotion and can be further customized to ensure that each one is unique, just like the buyer's vehicle.

Today, Roberto and Silvano have never purchased a supercar, but crafting these belts is like taking a ride in each of those sports cars they've dreamt of all their lives. Each belt carries a piece of their dream, a work of art that reflects their dedication to craftsmanship, creativity, Italian excellence, and the history of Italian sports car racing.

Italian artisan

Roberto and Silvano want to demonstrate that even though they may not have driven those coveted and cherished supercars, their story is an ode to art, passion, and social redemption. It's an example of how with humility, dedication, and passion, life's challenges can transform into great opportunities and how even a simple piece of leather can become a dream come true.


Reni S. - NY

I am more than happy working with M. He is truly talented. Super professional and I also learned a few things from him along the way. The belt came out amazing and I will most definitely continue to do business with M.

MKN Italy, LLC

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