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Elegance is not standing out in a crowd, but being remembered.

There are products that are so much like us that they call us by name. We are not talking about the typical initial embroidered on a shirt just below the heart, a symbol of belonging from long ago. Nor of the great numbers of people who desire their own signature on even the simplest of materials: jeans. Not to mention the evolution of the monogram, which a famous French bag maker has made its icon for the past 160 years.

Made-to-measure is perfection calculated down to the centimeter, a unique detail, but it is above all the concept of personalization that blends with that of personality, a world in which the only signature you desire on what you are wearing is your own.

Luxury is having what you are.

Our idea of ‘custom-made’ is so precise that each client’s needs are listened to attentively. Projects, ideas, objects whether handmade or engraved, or even products created with attention to detail from not as well-known sectors. Not only clothing, but a jewel, an accessory, a piece of designer furniture. An original piece created starting from a sketch, a family photo or a memory, which when positioned in one’s home evokes that moment in the past.

Do as Harold, Matthew, Susan, Scott, Christine, and Kyle did… along with many others who have already witnessed the creation of their own unique product, with an exclusive design accompanied by the unquestionable quality of the Made in Italy label. It goes without saying that this universally recognized brand is known for its quality, comfort, style, creativity, excellence and unique design.

Contact us or send us your idea, project, or drawing to see it created by true Italian artisans.

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Our customers rely on us to make that perfect product, the product they have searched for long time, back and forth of the malls, spending so much time googling, asking if the quality would satisfy their expectations, or if they can trust the vendor.
Customized leather attach[ case

Steven B. attaché case.



Remember the days when attaché cases used to be in style and everyone was carrying one around? They were quite popular during the ‘90s, but slowly lost their appeal as demand for them decreased.

There are many reasons for the decline in orders. People found other products that suited their carrying needs better. With the advent of laptops, there was a shift towards laptop carry bags, as physical documents were not required and when they were, they could easily fit in the bag. Then briefcases took over. With their numerous sections and pockets, they allow people to organize themselves better.

We felt that the real value of a rigid attaché case was lost until one was requested of us. The customer had seen our website and felt that we were the right ones for the job.  Finding someone who would make a top-quality leather attaché case of such small dimensions is quite complicated because making it to such a size requires a lot of hard work and time. We accepted the challenge.

The primary purpose of this case was to carry electronic items, such as a phone, along with a few documents. This meant that the case had to be slim to keep the items from moving around.

This product had to be elegant and classy, so we put three of our best artisans to work. Once the design had been approved by the customer, the work began. The customer was informed of all the steps in the development of the attaché case. All communication took place via email, and we made sure to always respond promptly.

The case was made out of approximately 0.63 square meters of leather. It was ready in five weeks, and shipped off to the customer. As we routinely do, we followed up to see if the customer was satisfied. We were pleased to get positive feedback: he was very happy with his case and it was exactly what he had been looking for.

woven leather belt

Tamara K. leather belt.



When you have been married for many years, you understand your partner's likes and dislikes. You know what excites them and what they need or which product they love but cannot use any more as it has already exhausted its lifespan.

Now imagine yourself in an unsuccessful search for such a product for the past few years. Finally, you come across our website, and you realize that we have the answer to your needs. You get in touch with us, and our team of experts gets right on it. Pure bliss.

This happened with one of our customers. She had been searching for a replacement to her husband’s 20-year-old belt, only to realize that we could solve her problem right before Christmas.

We discussed the project with her over several emails back and forth, and received pictures of the belt which we were to reproduce. We assured her we didn't need the original product, the pictures sufficed. She pointed out that the two features which concerned her the most were the quality of the belt and the accuracy of the design.

A quality belt was easy to attain, as we only use top-of-the-line leather. The design was more of a challenge because it had to be as close as possible to the original belt. Our excellent designers managed to make that happen with some good, quality pictures of the belt from various angles, and the replica was on paper in no time.

After that, the job was handed over to our experienced craftsman. They recreated the wavy, triangular pattern on the belt by interweaving two patterns of leather.

The final piece was ready in just eight days and was shipped off to the customer. It made the best Christmas gift for her husband. Just imagine getting the top item on your Christmas wish list; that is what we made happen.

Customized leather travel bag

Charlene B. travel martini kit.



When someone puts a lot of thought into a gift for you, it means that they truly love you. We were inspired by the dedication our customer showed when she asked us to help her develop a present for her husband. Out of the many customers we have had, we found this woman’s gesture truly touching.

When we got to know about the project, we were ready to get our hands dirty. She had asked us to make a travel martini kit. It had to be hand-made and in leather. The inside had to have five different sections that could hold the likes of a strainer, small shaker, bar spoon, wine opener and double jigger.

As always, we got started on the job as soon as she gave us the go ahead. We sent many emails back and forth. We also made and amended many sketches as per the instructions. The tenth one was the final design that was approved and ready for production.

After only six days, the bag was ready. The last request was added once the product was finished: the husband's initials. We packed the travel martini kit and shipped it over to the customer who later gave us an excellent review and feedback. We were happy that we were able to deliver a product that followed instructions to the letter in such a short time.

Bespoke leather briefcase

Moshin P. leather briefcase.



When you are an on-the-go professional, you need a smart look and a professional bag, which is something that we understand when our customers order items based on such needs. One such customer included an engineer whose work required him to travel a lot.

He needed a good-looking bag to carry his laptop on business trips. The next best thing that you can get is a briefcase. Our customer was always an admirer of such items, which is why he approached us for an original briefcase.

The briefcase had to have a vintage yet modern look to it - the sort you think is a family heirloom, but when you look closer, you notice much more modern finishing and refined quality that would not be evident in an old briefcase.

After considering nine different vendors who were not able to meet his needs in the end, he finally noticed our website and contacted us. As we promised, we sent him two different scratches of leather and he picked the one that he felt would be best for his briefcase.

We spent a few days discussing the bag. He was ready with sketches of what he wanted, and we were more than willing to learn about them and develop the product of his dreams. He chose vegetable-tanned leather for his bag, which fits his requirements perfectly as he wanted a product that would get old with him and would remind him of all the hours spent hard at work.

We managed to find and incorporate a buckle which was easily lockable but also looked quite vintage. As per his request, we also added a feature that allowed him to carry the bag with him easily. We manually treated the briefcase to give it a worn look. After five short weeks, the briefcase was ready and shipped off to our satisfied customer.

Custom leather briefcase

Troy K. leather briefcase.



Every lawyer has to look the part and ensure that professionalism exudes from their appearance. A briefcase is a major component of their refined look. It must be functional and elegant, and add a finishing touch to their personality.

One such lawyer came to us looking for a briefcase like the Churchill bag. He wanted to make sure that we were able to create one that looked fashionable and sturdy even when carrying up to 30 pounds of work materials every day.

We went to the old drawing board. Our main focus was on the fact that it needed enough storage areas to allow the lawyer to organize his materials. The customer agreed to our suggested addition of three sections and many pockets so that he could easily keep his papers inside. The next priority was the bag’s durability: it had to be robust to carry so much weight. Top-quality leather was chosen, and the task was then handed over to one of our experts who ensured that the craftsmanship would be praiseworthy.

After the exchange of various sketches in 84 e-mails, one design was finally agreed upon with our customer, and we got straight to work. The perfect briefcase made out of vegetable-tanned leather was ready in just 15 days, and it looked similar to the Churchill bag.

We made sure that the bag had an antique yet modern look, which is why we added a beautiful gold buckle to snap it shut.

We have never seen a more excited and satisfied customer. As per his feedback, we managed to exceed all his expectations and provide a quality product that would be able to withstand daily use. No matter how many pounds of work he carries, we know that bag will last him a lifetime.


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