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All our leather products are respectful of nature and humans.
Only original vachetta leather is used, treated using only traditional methods and vegetable tanning procedures.
Plant extracts are the secret of the slow and natural process which maintains unaltered the properties of the leather, exalting its quality and fragrance.
This guarantees individual features such as softness, warmth, resilience and durability over time.

The Pros of vegetable tanning:

- Vegetable tanned leather
- Improves with age: the older it gets, the better it gets
- Unmistakable properties of fine leather
- Respectful of nature

- No hide is the same as another
- No animals killed just for their hide
- No toxic substanced used

Micro-Mosaic Jewelry


Micro mosaic jewelry is a special form of mosaic arts that utilizes unusually small mosaic tesserae, to fashion extraordinarily complex
and detailed patterns or images.
Precious one-of-a-kind necklaces, made using different materials: natural stones, semi-precious stones, marbles, Venetian smalti, gold tesserae,
and all the passion that Italian artisans put in crafting unique products, all different from each other.

Artwork and Furnishing Mosaic


Every mosaic  has a history of its own, a history which is always different and starts with an idea, from a proposal or a need.
But first of all, it grows and develops in the mind of the artist.



Mosaic architecture is often viewed as an architectural statement of luxury.
 - other examples are available upon request -

Motorcycle Apparel


GLAM Wild is our apparel line for all of you motorcycle riders. Starting from your precise measurements, we can make your item tailored to your specific needs. Not only this, but you’ll be able to customize every aspect of your product: leather type and colour, traforated leather, with or without PPD (Personal Protective Devices) and with the design you want.




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