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About Us


MKN Italy LLC is an American company, created by young Italians: Marco and Nicola, who thanks to decades of their own personal experience as craftsmen, and that of their families, have decided to make the dream of the excellence of their land available to Americans.


All our products are 100% Made in Italy.

These exclusive and precious items are strictly handmade, rich in history and passion. We will share with you each stage of the creation of your new

‘Made in Italy’ product. is the first project of MKN Italy LLC, an online platform where the knowledge, history, ideas, trends and experience of Italian craftsmen come together, thanks to technology, with the imagination and desires of a demanding and refined clientele who will thus have the unique opportunity to create their own ‘Made in Italy’ product.

An object that you choose, modify and customize in order to make it unique, just as you want it, and how you have always dreamed it to be. An object made just for you by skilled, expert Italian hands.

True craftsmen at your disposal to create a new idea, a style all your own: enviable and unique.

Now it is within your reach, just a click away: it can be YOUR ‘Made in Italy’ and could become reality thanks to our team of selected craftsmen.

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