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Can you imagine a sheet of stone of just 4 millimeters that can be hung on the washing line, just like your clothes? Thin and light, but still incredibly strong.

This is the Piasentina stone: a sedimentary calcareous rock of secondary origin generated by earth's gravitational processes. This creates a stone that is exceptionally compact and is highly resistant to water. All of this delivers a Friulian stone par excellence. No other type of stone can be truly comparable to Piasentina, which lends itself to any kind of use, from building cladding to the creation of design objects and art works. Architects absolutely love the stone for all of these properties and more.
Working closely with an Italian architect we came up with this beautiful item. It is a perfect mix between our roots belonging to the stone age and a contemporary design that will last for the next centuries, passing through the Middle Ages when wood became an indispensable means to build furniture and to create beautiful sculptures.

The DOI coffee table is all this. Crafted in Italy by artisan designers and handmade to the most stringent specifications, the DOI coffee table is a thing of rare beauty because it matches any place, any interior, any style. It simply looks amazing wherever you place it.

You can arrange the two elements to form a large, single table or into two complementary elements, revealing on the inside their multifaceted nature. The DOI coffee table is just as functional as it is elegant.

DOI coffee table is a unique piece, made to measure, with customizable finishes and woods.
Both elements contain a pull-out drawer and sit on four wheels, making them easy to move.
Each piece is numbered and certified.


Rare Stone Coffee Table Made In Italy

This coffee table is made-on-request and production time is approx. 10 weeks since your order.
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