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Tell us your idea, send us your sketch or design and we'll do our best to create exactly what you are looking for.


We are Italian artisans who do not outsource anything.
Everything is carefully handmade in our small workshop in the foothills of northeast Italy.
Our mission is to offer individual and bespoke goods.

These belts aren't ready-made or pre-packaged products; they are individually handcrafted based on your preferences. As a result, the production time for each belt is approximately 3 weeks from the date of order.

Custom Project Leather Belt

  • When ordering a belt, the best way to size it is to get the center hole measurement off an old belt. Please DO NOT measure the length from end to end. You will not get the correct size that way.

    1. Put your existing belt on and note which hole you are most comfortable in.
    2. Take the belt off and lay it on a flat surface.
    3. Measure the distance:

    FROM: the fold
    TO: the hole you are the most comfortable wearing it at.

    Refer to the diagram in the image gallery.

    This is your center hole measurement. Please order to the nearest inch or put the exact distance in the comment box. Your new belt will have 5 holes and your measurement will correspond to the middle hole.

  • Flat Rate International Shipping from Italy

    Any custom duties or taxes applicable to your region are not included and will be charged to you directly by the shipping company.

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