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Support Italy’s artisans…
with this superb, handcrafted collector’s item.


The proud tradition of Made In Italy…

Quality materials. Beautiful designs. Exquisite craftsmanship.

Whether in a luxury sports car or a gorgeous, handcrafted belt created in an artisan’s shop… Italian craftsmanship is coveted and celebrated around the world.

… is now in danger.

But the global pandemic has pushed the small workshops of Italy to the edge of extinction.

The threat is not only to their livelihoods… but also to their traditions, their knowledge, and their decades of dedication to detail and superb craftsmanship.


Enjoy their work, save their industry

In a small workshop in Northern Italy, we created this belt to support our artisans.

Each belt is custom created for its owner, crafted from special carbon fiber look leather and sporting a unique and exclusive buckle inspired Italy’s exquisite motor cars.

Every purchase helps us keep out traditions alive… a one-of-a-kind accessory that you can truly wear with pride.

MKN Italy - Produzione Cintura.00_00_44_23.Immagine005.jpg
Sometimes the passion that people can feel for sports cars goes beyond basic appreciation, and it becomes something that is part of their lifestyle.

Exclusivity that stands out on its own

You want an item that acts as a beacon of your accomplishments and helps define your passion for vehicles. When you drive your sports car in the streets, everyone will turn their eyes your way, but when you drive your car at a rally or car show, you are going to see plenty of vehicles just like yours. What we are offering is an item that is going to give you the extra edge you need while you socialize during any event. You won’t need to stand next to your car to get heads to turn your way. The Steering Wheel belt buckle is an attractive and unique item that is going to make you stand out from a crowd of people even when a sea of luxurious cars stands before you.

Steering Wheel Belt Buckle

The classic three-spoke steering wheel, recognizable by all motorsports and racing fans, reproduced as a belt buckle and produced in only 250 pieces.

MKN Italy - Produzione Cintura.00_00_13_16.Immagine002.jpg

Carbon Fiber Look Leather

This leather is produced only occasionally and on-demand, and comes from one of the 2 biggest Italian leather districts. The recognizable two-tone diagonal pattern typical of carbon fiber is carefully reproduced.

100% Made in Italy

Too often we find shops full of products labeled ‘Made in Italy’ that are actually only partially assembled in Italy at best. For us, Made in Italy means something that is designed, developed, created, finished and packaged by artisans who are Italian and work in Italy.


This is a Limited Edition with a maximum production of 250
Steering Wheel Shaped Buckles!

Don’t let this unique and extraordinary item pass you by!
This is a first come, first served opportunity and these 250 luxurious leather belts sell faster than the 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of your sport car


Certificate of Authenticity

Each belt comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artisan who made it, attesting its exclusivity and reporting the Limited Edition number.

MKN Italy - Produzione Cintura.00_01_07_05.Immagine014.jpg

Perfect Fit

No short or long tail or pre-made belts. True luxury is custom made and you’ll be in contact with an authentic Italian artisan to create a perfectly sized leather belt.


To give more exclusivity to your belt, you can choose between different colors (sides and thread) to better match with your style or car. You can also request to have your monogram or name, laser engraved on the metal loop.


Limited Edition

We are Italian artisans who do not outsource anything.
Everything is carefully handmade in our small workshop in the foothills of northeast Italy.
Our mission is to offer individual and bespoke goods.
Thus, only 250 of these steering wheel belt buckle leather belts will be produced worldwide.

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