Top 5 Beautiful Leather Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner and that calls all families to come together and share the love, joy and warmth they have with one another.

It becomes a season of giving and receiving, of showing love and cherished memories through food, traditions and presents!

No matter what or how you celebrate, that smile that lights up a room when a loved one realizes the thought behind your present... it’s special.

And YourMadeinItaly wants to help you facilitate that beautiful exchange! This year, get your loved one the gift of customization — a tailored experience where they can get any item they want custom-made.

Give them the gift of Italian artisan craftsmanship by setting up a consultation with us where we can provide any of the below five leather wonders (or any other ideas you have)! The meeting together will be personalized, exciting and a gift that is built on experience, personalization and fun!

1. Print on Leather

Does your friend or family member have a quote, image or mantra they live by? Do they have a symbol that they hold close to heart? What better way to put thought behind a gift than to offer them a chance to visually represent this through timeless leather that they can hang up, use as patchwork or frame?

Let them know your idea and how you have a call set up with us to discuss how to make it come to life. Tell them how this design will be crafted by local Italian artisans — the gesture will be dear, authentic and personal.

2. Leather Glasses Case

We all have someone in our family with that beautiful pair of glasses that seems to just define their essence and intellect beautifully. We also bet this person doesn’t have a unique leather glasses case that complements their special character.

So, why not gift them with one this season by handing them a printed email from us showing that, in their future, they’ll be consulting with skilled Italian artisans to make their gift experience as tailored to their individual needs as possible?

3. Leather Satchels and Purses

For any bag-lover, recent graduate or briefcase/satchel/purse connoisseur, this is the present of the highest class and quality. A polished leather carry-on that can house someone’s papers, documents, folders, laptop, life’s essentials — you name it — is as sweet a gift as useful.

When you tell your loved one that they can call us and walk us through how they want their dream handbag to look, they will never get a present that is as experiential, memorable and exciting!

4. Leather Key Rings

Do any of your loved ones have a collection of little items that can fit perfectly into key rings like pictured above? If yes, don’t miss out on getting them this amusing present that can come in all shapes and sizes for their using.

This gift is also perfect as party favors for your virtual holiday gathering or as sweet “I’m thinking of you tokens” throughout the winter season! Our artisans have made these key rings with bottle corks, bottle caps — anything that is sentimental to you!

5. Leather Placemats

Has there been a special vacation your friends or family had? Are there monuments, landscapes, countries, cities, quotes, verses — anything meaningful or powerful — that your loved one would enjoy reminiscing over when celebrating or just having a seat at the table?

Engraved leather placemats are a wonderful way to bring nostalgia, warmth and kindness into someone’s day — especially when they can have fun picking, choosing and consulting with passionate artisans on how these mats will turn out!

A Note From

This has been quite a year for all of us, but the holidays are a time to remember the good things — the happy things in our lives like friends and family who love us.

It’s also the time to support communities and share love, gifts and joy with one another. We hope you choose to gift your family and friends with something that will also continue fueling the passion and skillsets of our local Italian artisans who live and breathe their trade every day.

We are a local business whose sole value is to make the visions of your family’s favorite leather designs come to life. Give them the gift of a consultation and leather creation with us and we guarantee they’ll have a gift that is long-lasting, personalized and in all ways rewarding.

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