The Top 5 Italian Films You Should Watch This Weekend

Italian anything is Italian everything. Each culture has its beautiful traditions, values and history, but here at YourMadeInItaly, we can’t help but admire the Italian way.

The beauty, depth and purpose in each mode of Italian culture whether it be cuisine, fashion, art or film is rife — unwavering.

Why wouldn’t you want to fill up your weekend with just a taste of this beautiful culture that is as warm as it is moving?

Film has it all — the fashion, the cuisine and the visual art along with the rich, romance language.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 Italian films easy to watch for your weekend pleasure.

Pinocchio (2002)

This classic tale is told through a surrealistic lens that tugs at the heart strings. Each action, word, expression and feeling is felt truly and deeply while the colors and landscape are authentic and true to Italy.

If you care anything for a buy whose nose grows in lies and who defeats obstacle after obstacle in adventures galore — or if you believe in Blue Fairies, Fun Forever Land, large sharks and what it means to be a real boy — this is the film for you.

La Dolce Vita (1960)

In this 1960 comedy drama, Marcello Mastroianni shines as he plays a journalist who scours for gossip through Rome, with only seven days to find the juicy story. In his search against what appear to be the “seven deadly sins”, he may also be finding the keys to love, happiness and true joy.

The film is unique in that it’s broken up into a prologue, seven episodes and an epilogue, perhaps all the more contributing to the “seven sin” allegory. This film became a worldwide sensation wining the Golden Palm at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Although this film isn’t Italian-speaking, the plot all unravels in the beautiful Tuscan countryside that speaks to the sun, the glow and the substance of the evergreen Italian culture. Rustic, charming, meaningful and in every breathtaking, this movie is the true story of a woman and writer, Frances Mayes, who escaped to Tuscany on a whim after a love woe.

She hoped she could find herself... but ended up finding so much more.

Il Postino (1995)

A wondrous 90’s Italian film, the story follows Mario, a simple, ordinary and uneducated postman whose one client was a renowned poet, none other than Pablo Neruda. In their engagements, Mario learns to love poetry, a passion that sets his heart free and able to express all the metaphors it desires.

The main actor, Massimo Troisi, also helped direct the film, pouring his life into its creation. He had post-phoned heart surgeries to ensure its completion, ultimately dying before full fruition. Watching this meaningful story, you also pay tribute to the great man.

Letters to Juliet (2010)

Another American film (in case you really don’t want another movie recommendation with English subtitles) is this gem of a love story. When travelling to Italy, writer and fact-checker, Sophie, finds a wall full of notes women write to the fictional “Juliet.” Responding to a letter from decades before, Sophie allows a woman to rekindle an Italian summer love she had once left behind.

In the process, Sophie learns, right along with the audience, that love can grow and flourish not only in the warm, colorful Italian countryside but also when you have the faith to let the question, “What if?” finally get answered.

A Note From YourMadeInItaly

If you watch these films and suddenly feel a nostalgia or desire to bring Italy into your own home, we hope you reach out to us straight away!

While the Italian culture looks wonderful on a screen, it also can manifest into beautiful, hand-made leather bags, wallets, suitcases or items that will keep the Italian taste forever within your reach.

Our team of local Italian artisans are just waiting to make your perfect creation — something you can have forever, something you can enjoy and know full well it’s made in capable hands.

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