The Best Ways to Look Italian Chic Without Trying

Looking effortlessly chic is everyone’s dream — to look good without spending the time, effort and energy to do so? Must be some kind of magic.

But here at YourMadeinItaly, we have some style tips and tricks to help you weave some powerful fashion spells. You’ll never have to try too hard to look glossy and chic — totally sleek — again!

1. Add any silver ring or pendant

Nothing too fancy or bold — just simple and silver! This little piece of jewelry will add a refined testament of taste to your ensemble, no matter how fast you threw it on.

Silver is a timeless statement in itself and the richness of its history is something onlookers will take note of and compliment if so inclined!

2. A Statement Scarf

Wearing all black? Throw on your brightest scarf. Wearing all color? Contrast the tones with a black scarf. Wearing a bulky sweater and some jeans because you’re on the run? Throw on a neutral-toned or long, wool scarf and complete the look.

Scarves add a whole new layer to your ensemble whether it be calming, empowering, bolstering or cozying. No matter its effect, your outfit will suddenly have more dimension and agility without too much “noise.”

3. Black Shades

It doesn’t matter who you are — black shades will add that shade of mystery, intrigue, allurement and overall depth to your outfit. You can take any sweatpants, sweatshirt, fleece, windbreaker, or pair of hiking boots and add your black sunglasses.

The result? Your debonair soul will shine through and your outfit will be elevated to the very next level.

4. The Classic Leather Bag

There is no overlooking the spellbound beauty of a fine leather bag. Whether your look is hipster, professional, artsy, earthy — you name it— a leather bag is the timeless, classic piece that brings a profound sense of gentility and worldliness.

A leather bag can speak a lot to your suaveness, charm and classic taste in all things truly unfailing. No leather bag that is custom made can ever be replaced; it is one of a kind and will add that very energy to your overall ensemble as well.

5. Telling Time

A watch whose band matches your outfit and has a presence all on its own is the perfect way to show some refinement and thought to your outfit’s aesthetic. Like a leather bag, a watch never goes out of style because, pardon the pun, it’s in with the times always!

Watches have a gallant and put-together energy that is as useful as it is valiant. Any sweater, jean jacket, ripped pair of jeans or anything else you quickly threw on will immediately soften with the look of an understated watch on your wrist.

6. Leather Coat

Say you were rushing out the door and all you had time to throw on were some leggings, trousers, a t-shirt and boots. Immediately brighten and sophisticate the look by throwing on a leather jacket!

Not only does a leather jacket command the room and give its wearer the artistic and aesthetic attention they deserve but also it easily matches any color or style in your look. Its boldness and contemporary, powerful nature can pull together your on-the-go day in a heartbeat.

7. Precious Pea Coat

Another outer layer that can save the day is a pea coat. Just like a leather jacket, men and women of fashion can enjoy the ultra refined and sophisticated look of a pea coat, especially because it frames each body like a vase does around flowers.

Firm and elongating, a pea coat keeps you warm while also keeps you looking fresh, European and urbane. Its neutral tones are very easing and appealing to the eye!

8. The Hat of All Hats

Our last little trick is the hat of all hats: a fedora. Cultivate your chic style with flair and prestige by popping on a neutral-toned fedora.

A big part to being chic is being able to execute a quiet confidence and a lingering feeling of flair— a fedora does just that!


A Note From YourMadeinItaly

Did any of these tid-bits inspire you? Do you suddenly want these accessories of chic couture at your disposable?

If you are looking for a leather bag for yourself or a loved one — or found one that was too expensive to buy but would love to replicate its design— you know where to find us!

And if you need any altering or creation of a leather band for your watch, we hope you think of our talented and dexterous artisans in Italy who know just how to make your dream leather look come true.

Or if it’s the leather jacket you’d like draped over your shoulders, our local artisans whose trade runs in their families for generations have the perfect touch to make it exactly the jacket that fits like a glove.

No matter your vision, we won’t stop until we fulfill it. All consultations are free!

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