If You Were an Italian Leather Product, What Would You Be? Find Out Here!

It’s the little things that reveal the most about ourselves, whether it be the jokes we like to laugh at, the music that moves us, or the foods that remind us of home.

These hidden personality clues are everywhere, once we start to take notice. YourMadeinItaly likes to especially focus on the symbols choices in fashion represent as intricate stylistic nuances make you... you!

Sometimes, certain items can even encapsulate a whole personality.

So, why don’t we check out how you’d be in the world of Italian leather?

1. Leather Gloves

If you are resilient and prefer to take the hands-on approach to life, you are represented by leather gloves. You are determined, driven, ambitious and charismatic and you feel very protective of those you love. Those around you can always depend on your warmth, confidence and ability to be nimble, deft and useful!

2. Leather Jackets

If you are drawn to spunk, originality and vitality, you are represented by the leather jacket. You like to see the spirit in things and you always find a way to stand out from the crowd. You find joy in being your own person and often, you prefer your own company to others. With a vigor and inner strength that can only be presented through an edgy and tough exterior, you live life in stride, in courage and fearless energy.

3. Leather Shoes

If you are constantly in the mood for adventure and travel, you are best represented by a pair of leather shoes. You see the world through an artistic and cultural lens and you like to explore every inch of it whether it be through art, nature, music or food. You don’t mind having your head in the clouds sometimes and you cannot help but have a restless spirit. Always on the move, you like to keep busy, stay open to new experiences and you enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life. You always look forward to the next excursion whether it be spontaneous or planned!

4. Leather Bag

If you are a loyal, reliable and self-assured person, the leather bag is your leather symbol. You have so many sides to you and you like to reveal yourself slowly to people, but once you come out of your shell, you are unstoppable. People look to you for your opinion, advice and your wisdom because they know you are an honest and full-of-life individual who doesn’t let anyone down. You give everything your all — for you, it’s go big or go home!

5. Leather Belt

If you are what everyone says is the “glue” in their lives, you surely are the leather belt when it comes to Italian fashion. You are all about logistics, analytics and common denominators and you like to stick to your guns rather than set them blazing. You aren’t the biggest fan of surprises or risk but you do like to help plan them or give other people the chance to hear your great ideas. You are full of passion and cleverness, and there is nothing that you don’t notice. You’ve got that keen eye... in fashion and in life!


A Note from YourMadeinItaly

Did any of these leather goods suddenly speak to you? Did you realize how much you do feel some of these items harness your personality? Or perhaps you see the use in some of them and would like to have one as your own....

Let YourMadeinItaly help.

Our specialized local team of Italian artisans are ready to make you something special and custom-made — something that only you in the world will own! Your personality and individuality deserves to shine bright, and hand-crafted Italian leather is just the way to do it!

As all consultations are free, just reach out to us to ask any questions and share any dream products you’d like come to life! We’ll be there every step of the way, to make those dreams reality.

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