The Top 5 Highlights of Italian Fashion

Italian fashion needs no introduction.

Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci— these household names glow with red, white and green colors, make their way into every fashion guru’s closet.

But just like Italy’s Rome, Italy’s fashion empire isn’t built in a day. It takes time, vibrancy, passion and vigor.

It takes the following top 5 highlights of Italian fashion!

1. Versace’s Safety Pin Dress

Photo via Harper’s Bazaar

This beauty is arguably what made actress and model Elizabeth Hurley famous. She had wore the dress for the premier of Four Weddings and Funeral, and the rest (dress) started history! Hurley found herself inundated with movie roles and modeling contracts— including Estee Lauder!

2. Prada’s Bowling Bag

Photo via PurseBlog

Prada knows how to keep her followers on their feet and how to raise her glass to futuristic designs and creative ideas. Her bowling bags show her ability to weave between the worlds of ordinary and extraordinary, leaving us all to find beauty in the little things, in the simple things.

3. The Armani Suit

Photo via the New Riverside Hotel

This timeless suit is still a hit today. Armani knows how to make a look chic, classy, effortless and professional all while producing an air of sophisticated comfortability. The power suit over the years has ebbed and flowed to the style of current society, but still remains an Italian fashion staple with major sex appeal!

4. Valentino Red

Photo via Valentino

Vogue captures the moment Valentino Garavani beautifully: “his first couture collection in 1962 was the moment that the prolific designer exploded onto the fashion universe and immortalized himself with a single color: red. Or more precisely, “Valentino Red” as it would come to be known.” The beautiful vibrant colors and understated dresses with special detail made Valentino a Hollywood favorite as he dressed Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and other leading ladies.

5. The Gucci Bag

Photo via The New York Times

The green and red stripes are a staple to Italian fashion because wherever they are, we know it’s Gucci. To stand out above other brands by having a household look brings success and a certain reputation that style brands die for. This Gucci bag brings energy, flair and equestrian charm while also a look of sport. It’s classic!

A Note From YourMadeinItaly

Italy’s hub of fashion and style is why our artisans love what they do: elevating Italy’s culture through beauty and art manifested in self-expression.

Although a Gucci bag or beautiful Prada shoes have their own appeal, we hope that you think of us whenever you’d like a unique fashion item that no one else will ever have! All our products are hand-made, one-of-a-kind and local!

Let’s celebrate the world of fashion, style and inner expression through supporting the artisans and local designers that make it all possible!

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