Click Here for a Gallery of Italian Fashion Statements You Can Easily Replicate

Italians will never have to travel too far if they have an eye for fashion— it’s right on their doorstep!

Indeed, style and fashion has always been Italy’s forté given the country’s designers’ innovation, creativity, and originality.

It might be hard sometimes to look in your own closet and wonder how to turn the t-shirts, jeans, or random items into an ensemble that make the magazine covers and photo shoots so spectacular.

Well, YourMadeinItaly is here to help by providing the gallery of Italian fashion styles below with simple ways to replicate the looks!

Pair any cool t-shirt you have with a button-down, long-sleeve that stays open and rolled up at the elbows! Grab your most unique-looking jeans and hat, and you got yourself an aura of modern and stylish hipster!

Red is one of the most beautiful colors Italy takes claim of. Grab any red items you have and layer them with different autumn colors, funky patterns and bold shoes to give off a look of warmth and happiness. The more you match one mini item like socks to an accessory like a hat, the more put together you’ll look!

Going for the “cool and collected” vibe? Be sure to stick to blacks and greys! Easiest way to pull this look off is by matching a dark sweater with pants that are a shade lighter, dark boots and dark sunglasses. You’ll be the mysterious fashion guru no one can quite capture!

Another Italian fashion staple is the timeless leather jacket and turtleneck. If you’re ever going out for a night or day on the town, easily pull over a sweater and top it with a statement leather jacket. You can never go wrong with this look!

Italian style is sometimes as simple as it is chic. Its creativity and innovation comes from drawing the beauty of the person wearing the ensemble. So, if you have any simple pieces in your closet, take them out and pair them with a piece of statement jewelry or contrasting colors. You’ll accentuate that one simple piece in doing so!

Another staple of Italian fashion is combining opposites. You can do this by taking a loose-fitted garment and tucking it into a tight-fitted garment, pairing a regular shirt with a professional skirt/pants, or wearing plain colors and then adding a big piece of fancy jewelry. As they say, opposites attract!

Italians are able to make their personality shine through their clothes. You can do this by picking colors you love best and matching your outfit to that one color. Another way to do this is by flirting with different patterns and putting them all together so it becomes a puzzle of who you are— let spectators review and decipher!

Another easy style to replicate is buttons! Buttons are a fun addition to any outfit and help make your ensemble look sophisticated, understated and special. So, find any piece in your closet with buttons and show them off by keeping them the focal point of your look. You can do this by pairing the piece with dark, muted colors.

As mentioned earlier, Italy is known for its bright, warm colors— but it’s also known for it’s dazzling taste in shoes. So, some days, be sure to craft your outfit with a focus on the shoes. Shoes that are unique, colorful, pattern-full or eye-grabbing can easily make any outfit stand out!

Just as simple is replicating the Italian youthful looks of jeans and tank tops, all paired with old converse sneakers. If you have ripped up jeans, light-wash jeans, old jeans— anything— pair them with a solid-colored tank or tee and old shoes. You’ll look fresh and nostalgic all at the same time!

Pastel colors, scarves and dipping into gender neutral styles is also very “a la mode” these days. Toying around with both feminine and masculine touches makes for a balanced outfit that shows strength, self-worth and class— just like the Italian woman in this particular photo!

Italy also carries the home of beautiful dresses that are both chic and understated. If you feel that your dresses do not have the aura of simplicity, elegant beauty or freshness, just sport them with a clean, tight bun. This will add the layer of timelessness you’re seeking!

A Note From YourMadeinItaly

We at YourMadeinItaly are proud to support our local Italian artisan community and uphold the traditions and values and style that has made this country so open and dynamic!

Our artisans want to share this vigor for life and fashion with you, so we do hope if any of the photos in these galleries inspired you to want to purchase a kind of unique item, you think of us!

We can easily put together items your wardrobe will love and welcome— have a chat with us today to find out how we can help make your closet the best representation of yourself as possible!

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