10 Ways to Customize Your Leather Jacket

Owning a leather jacket is one thing, but owning the style is another.

When it comes to fashion and style, the most important thing is knowing what you want to reflect. Your inner self is just waiting to be expressed on the outside, and beautiful, luxury clothes are just one way to do it!

So, let’s do it right!

Find out below the top 10 ways to customize your leather jacket so that your personal flavor and original touch can shine through, below!

1. Patches

If you ever want to add some flair to your leather jacket, you could never go wrong with picking some quirky patches that reflect your interests and tastes! Picking patches that are bright and spread out, you are able to take timeless leather and transform it into something uniquely you!

2. Sunglasses

With a flair of mystery and enigma, sunglasses paired with a leather jacket are the perfect way to draw the eye to your sharp look. Large, black sunglasses tend to do the trick no matter the color or stain of your leather.

3. Pins

Just like the patches, these pins are able to convey a boho, distinctive look that all style gurus adore. Being able to express yourself through the color, aesthetic and bookish vibe of pins while honing in the sophistication of a leather jacket... well, you get the best of both worlds!

4. Unique Pair of Shoes

If you have a pair of old doc martins, sparkling heels, colorful sneakers or any shoe that makes a bold statement, adding a leather jacket to match will always— always— complete the ensemble. There’s just something about adding some spice to a vintage look of leather!

5. Paint

Looking to make your leather jacket reflect a more grunge, more “artsy” side to you? You’ll find that having an artist paint your leather really symbolizes the “you/u” in unique. Share with the world the emotions and thoughts you have inside, as fashion can be your canvas!

6. Scarves

There’s something so homey and sweet about adding a soft scarf to the hard leather of your jacket. The parallelism makes for an outfit that’s both understated and distinct. Extra points if your scarf is bright, colorful or chic in design— leather loves good company!

7. Unlikely Combinations

Because a leather jacket is a lasting, durable fashion statement, to pair it with an unlikely outfit like a puffy dress, green cargo pants, snake boots— anything out of the ordinary— helps build the “street style” that has become so prominent over the years. It is the meshing of different styles that allows for a unique ensemble worthy of a photo!

8. “Funky” Hat

In the colder months, pairing your leather jacket with a special, “funky,” or trendy hat is definitely the way to go. Not only does it keep you warmer but also you’re able to show off from head to foot your originality and individuality when it comes to style. A simple add-on like a hat shows you’re keen on the details when it comes to fashion and self-expression.

9. Layers

It might sound strange but actually having other layers besides the jacket itself is actually very eye-catching. By layering different t-shirts, flannels, long sleeves and sweaters, you’re able to show subtle variety and substance to your look.

10. Professionalism

Putting together an outfit you wear to your work space and adding on a leather jacket helps add a special twist to the sophistication and class that comes with professional attire. Plus, it’s the perfect way to show some inner style whilst spending the day tackling different tasks!

A Note From YourMadeinItaly

If you ever would like your own beautiful, one-of-a-kind leather jacket, we hope you reach out to us!

Our local Italian artisans pour tradition and skill into every project they work on— into every dream and vision they curate to reality.

If you want your leather jacket to have any kind of design, particular pattern, or installed fur piece, studs, or material, let us know!

Shop local, shop small— and dream big!

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