Top 5 Unique Leather items to Give as Gifts to Those You Love

Showing someone you love them first and foremost comes from personalization.

Whether that’s a letter on a random Tuesday evening, a surprise ticket to the concert of their dreams or a well-said toast when least expected, making something personal is what an empathetic, memorable gesture is all about.

That is why YourMadeinItaly has provided a list for you of possible high-quality leather items you can gift those you love so they know with you, even the most personal touches come with an air of specialty.

1. Personal Bookcase

Leather bookcase

If the person on your mind is fond of written joys like books, magazines, novellas and plays, this personal bookcase could be their portable library! Whether it’s a token to show you know their interests of a present to accompany a ticket to a fun trip together, this bookcase can show your thoughtfulness just like the authors and their powerful words.

Fun fact: this bookcase pictured above was actually made by a local Italian artisan from YourMadeinItaly!

2. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets

Gifting leather bracelets is a symbol of an enduring connection— everlasting friendship or love. After all, leather is one of the most durable and timeless materials you’ll find! A bracelet is something someone can look down upon and remember you, especially if you choose to engrave the leather with initials, an address, or a saying!

3. Credit Card Holder

Carbon fibre and leather credit card holder

Often times, the people we love don’t swoon over emotional gifts or sappy declarations of love. Sometimes, the people we love are practical, logical and love tactful, useful gifts. If that’s the case, providing a beautiful, customized credit card holder is your best bet! Utile and prudent, this type of gift shows you pay attention to detail and care about the things that, well, count!

This picture is yet another product made from our own artisans!

4. Leather Watch

Leather watch

You just can’t go wrong with a leather watch— it’s impossible! The sophistication, prestige and class that the gift offers remains unmatched after all these years. If you know the leather colors the person you’re gifting this to wears, you can easily match the band! Moreover, you can engrave a meaningful quote, or pair of initials on the inseam to add a personal touch.

5. Bible Cover

Leather bible cover

A truly spiritual and sentimental gift for those we love is a bible cover (or any other cover for an old book or important document) because it provides a sense of security and protection with a flavor of thoughtful affection. Best part is the cover can be engraved with a verse, year, or moment that defines the person’s spiritual journey. If it’s a book cover or document cover, you can engrave a lyric or quote or memory.

Once again, this photo is just another example of the amazing work our artisans do every day!

A Note From YourMadeinItaly

Gifts are so important here at YourMadeinItaly because their essence and purpose define what our mission is: to make the world a better place through the little things we do. One of those little things is showing someone you care!

If you do ever want to make any of these ideas for gifts come to life, we’d love to help! Our local Italian artisans put value and quality into every stitch of every item they create. Tell us how we can make your love and your devotion known!

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