The Top 10 Leather Trends of 2020

Although a big portion of 2020 so far has been spent in quarantine for people all over the world, fashion, as always, pervades.

The importance of self-expression and style, as always, conquers— even if it’s in the confines of your home!

And there were those first few months of the year where we still got a glimpse into this year’s fashion leather statements, so why don’t we take stroll through the top 10 leather looks this year, so far?

1. Oxfords


Percolating into 2020, men have been sporting oxfords— formal leather shoes with laces— to work. Whether matched with a professional look or for up-scale casual, these leather stunners are able to tie any look together because of their versatility and simplistic usefulness!

2. Mini Backpacks

Mini backpack

Travelers all around the world have adorned these mini backpacks, as they add an artsy aesthetic to any outfit or picture. Even if just going out sight-seeing for the weekend, these backpacks are able to hold anything you need that might not fit into a purse— especially those necessary water bottles that always take up room!

3. Black Leather Jackets

Leather jackets

That’s right— black is back! Where it once was more of a nod towards edgy, heavy metal style or the rock n’ roll of the eighties and nineties, these jackets are back and better than ever. For nostalgic reasons or for their ability to make any outfit pop, these jackets keep you feeling warm and looking good!

4. Red Leather

Red leather

Red leather wallets, red leather jackets, red leather gloves— it’s all here to help our closet pop! Red leather has a certain feeling when you wear it, like the day is going to be extra special with this extra colorful statement. If you haven’t hopped on this red bandwagon... what are you waiting for?

5. Leather Notebooks

Leather notebook

Leather notebooks need no explanation— their durability, legacy and nostalgic look allow for any writer to delve deeper into their stream of consciousness and produce something extraordinary. The overall look of a leather notebook is as beautiful as it is practical, thus rendering the item an awesome gift or personal purchase!

6. Long Boots

Leather boots

The winter months this past year have brought many long leather boots to the city streets and offices speckled around the world. The confident appeal of long black leather boots makes this no surprise. Paired well with skinny jeans, short dresses, or pencil skirts, these leather marvels are able to accentuate the female figure in debonair, subtle chic style.

7. Leather gloves

Leather gloves

There’s a certain sophistication that comes with leather gloves; the rich color and texture always catches attention. Keeping you warm and lasting forever— talk about investment— these winter accessories make any blistery day worth having!

8. Embroidered Leather

Embroidered leather

Popping up randomly in cities nation-wide are the embroidered leather ensembles that take a modern take on the classic leather jackets. With careful stiches, stencils or patches, creative artisans and freelance designers are able to take personal requests and craft a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that represents the originality and personality of the owner!

9. Leather Initials

Leather initials

Many leather products are now being initialed— can be a leather laptop bag, wallet, bookmark, or brief case. The traditional professionalism of leather matched with a small personal token like initials makes the item all the more personal and touching. Another great gift idea, perhaps?

10. Leather Watches

Leather watch

Last but not least, are the leather watches that you have probably subtly seen on men’s and women’s wrists throughout the day. The timeless feel matched with an actual clock allows for an ultimate perennial look that all fashion lovers adore. Simple and understated, leather watches will honestly always be in style.

Want to Be a Part of it?

Let YourMadeinItaly help!

Here at YourMadeinItaly, we love making fashion dreams turn into reality.

Our local artisans are able to take any of these trends and turn them into your very own, custom-made item that you can enjoy and find use in— make memories with!

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us about your wildest vision— we are confident we can make you a leather product you’ll cherish.

One that will solely belong to you!

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