The Best 5 Ways to Sport a Leather Belt

A leather belt can make or break an outfit— ever have to learn the rule of matching the belt color to your shoes the hard way?

But when a leather belt makes the outfit, it makes the outfit.

The classic undertone of timeless sophistication is not something anyone can ignore, or overlook...

So, why don’t we take a look at the best five ways to hone this superpower in with just one leather belt?

1. Monotones

The classic aura of a leather belt can be perfectly matched with monotones whether it be navy blue, white, or black.

Even if it’s a t-shirt tucked in, the solid colors are able to pull in a sense of simple chic that can be either professional or casual.

2. Matching Leather Jacket

If your belt matches perfectly with your leather jacket, don’t hesitate to work both in an outfit!

Whether it’s making it tight-fitted by closing the jacket, or leaving the jacket unzipped, the matching duo adds a level of sophistication and understatement.

Just be sure to match this jacket with jeans or simplistic bottoms that let the jacket and belt have all the glory!

3. Light-wash Jeans

You can’t go wrong with light-wash jeans and a dark leather belt. The contrast makes for a very elegant look that doesn’t seem like you’ve even tried too hard.

If you’re going to work, you can tuck in a button-down, sweater, or blouse, or if you’re going out for the night, you can wear a tee, tank, or casual cardigan.

Either way, the tasteful matching of classic leather and vintage jean is just perfection.

4. A Long Dress

Whether your dress is long or short, striped or a solid color, a leather belt can immediately pull the look together with an edgy, stylish twist.

The best trick is to make sure your dress isn’t too floral or full of design as then the belt can make it seem too crowded. Use your best judgement!

5. Accessories

A leather belt deserves the crème de la crème of accessories, but nothing over the top.

To truly sport the belt in the best way, you can match the belt with another leather satchel, or a gold ring, or a pendant necklace.

A trick is to pay attention to the metal on the belt— if it’s gold, match it with a gold-studded watch or jewelry piece. If it’s silver, sport some silver earrings or a silver watch, or a bag with a silver metal chain.

Adding something that complements the metal in our outfit will subtly draw much deserved attention to your wonderful belt!

A Note From YourMadeinItaly

If you don’t own a leather belt, would like another, or want a satchel to match, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know!

All assessments are free, and all our local Italian artisans cannot wait to apply their trade to make you a custom-made beautiful leather item you’d be proud to wear!

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