Quit the “Fast” With Things that Last: Leather Wallets Edition

In a world where “fast” is our new middle name, it’s hard to remember the days of lemonade on the porch, or one-of-a-kind furniture made by hand.It’s hard to recall the days of listening to whatever song came next on the record, the days of no commercials.

And shouldn’t we celebrate these little things? Shouldn’t we enjoy the few moments it takes to pull some cash out of its designated spot in your wallet rather than just request money on Venmo?

Marketwatch seems to think so, publishing a news release this past May about the upward trend of leather wallets and the timelessness they represent.

“Leather wallets are available for both men and women and are one of the most commonly used accessories,” Marketwatch reports. “These wallets offer several superior qualities which include durability, comfortable and others. Thereby, the leather wallet market has significant growth in the forecast period.”

The release moves on to explain that the market craves something that is “highly durable and long-lasting” and that the newest trends in the fashion industry do, in fact, include the leather wallets that look “fashionable and trendy.”

Here at YourMadeinItaly, we want to take your leather wallet to a whole other level. Not just fashionable and trendy, but also one-of-a-kind. A wallet that is yours and yours only.

If there’s only one you, why should the products you buy be any different?

Perhaps the days of simplicity that focused on the little things— on the things that matter— aren’t too far gone.

Maybe the world is ready to quit the “fast,” and see the importance in things that last.

Let our local Italian artisans make you a wallet that is durable, sturdy, unique and custom-made.

We meet our client needs with passion and dedication, with pride and honor.

Reach out today to discuss the kind of top-quality leather wallet we can make for you!

Check out our Instagram an Facebook page for examples of our work.

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