Buying Leather in Italy: A Guide

Leather is one of those materials. The smell of it heightens the senses. If you spend any time in Italy, then you will encounter articles made from this amazing material. Local markets are the most common place you will find the smell of leather wafting through to your nose and delighting your sense of smell.

Italian leather has been famous for centuries for its quality. People have been making high quality items from leather in Italy since the Middle Ages at least. But do you know what you are buying? In the modern day, imports from across the world have infiltrated even the most exclusive of markets. This CIU Italy article looks at how to buy the best leather when you are in Italy. Of course, these tips can help you buy leather from anywhere in the world. But the artefacts made by Italian craftsmen and women are of the highest quality.

“There are important rules of thumb to keep in mind when considering purchasing a leather jacket, bag, or pair of shoes during your next trip, however, to ensure you are choosing a top-quality piece that will last for years.”

Knowing what you are buying is the most important way of ensuring you get value for money. We know leather. It is our job to understand the products that we bring to you, inspecting them for quality and looking at the workmanship that goes with it. That ensures you get the finest quality goods from the finest producers across Italy. That’s our pledge to you.

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