Fashion Wars! Who Won the Battle of Haute Couture, Italy or France?

In a war of haute couture between France and Italy, you already know which side we are on! But this La Voce di New York blog, they look at the differences between design in the two countries. Money always talks, so the country that is seen as the fashion leader will benefit from higher clothing sales. In addition, a stylish reputation will help tourism and many other aspects of the economy.

“It is no secret that France and Italy have been locked in a fashion war for decades. And no wonder, irrespective of the question of prestige and bragging rights, the fashion industry represents a good chunk of their economy.”

But it’s not money that drives us here at We love the high fashion scene because it gives us an insight into what people are looking for. And we use that knowledge to help us source the kind of products that will delight you.

In the past, France had a reputation for being the most stylish nation, with the major fashion houses of Chanel, YSL and Dior at the cutting edge of fashion. But they have been superseded by Italian style over the last few decades. In the age of disposable fashion, we look to Italian style giants such as Gucci, Armani, Fendi and Versace to lead the way with quality. Our artisan designers are cut from the same cloth.

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