Why Do So Many Brilliant Motorcycles Come from Italy?

This Motorcyclist article asks a really engaging question – why do so many brilliant motorcycles come from Italy? It’s something we’ve noticed too. And when you look at it in more detail, it isn’t necessarily the whole of Italy that has produced these iconic motorcycles. One valley in the North of Italy is responsible for far more than its fair share of beautiful motorcycles that are desired the world over.

“The concentration of moto-oriented producers and amazing motorcycle history in or around northern Italy’s Po Valley should come as no surprise. The area has been an industrial powerhouse for decades, one that’s pushed Italy to the eighth best nominal GDP in the world.”

And that’s a remarkable thing to see. The main reason for this? It’s the Italian desire for things that are beautiful to look at. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when you see the companies that have started here, you will be certain that Italian beauty is eyed in every corner of the planet.

Motorcycles are something that shouldn’t look beautiful. After all, there is only so much you can do with an engine, two wheels and a seat. But the designers of this part of Italy have come up trumps time and time again with their amazing designs.

And it’s the same with our designers. They take the everyday and make it into something that catches the eye. It’s just the way we look at things in this part of the world.

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