Difference Between British, Italian & American Suits

Ooh, we like a competition here at YourMadeInItaly.com. This Real Men Style blog looks at the differences between Italian, British and American suits. And they add a little bit of fun by naming the blog ‘Which Suit Wins? English Vs America Vs Italian.’ They conclude like this –

“On average, Italian suits work best with a slim and athletic person. American suits are for a more tough built and can look great with very little extra work if you want to have it custom fitted. British suits are still the most formal wear and can be highly tailored to any body type.”

We bet you didn’t know of the nuances between these different cuts. We certainly didn’t have all the facts to hand when we started reading the blog. The subtle variations make all the difference in the world. The artisan producers know how to make a little change that delivers a big difference.

That’s why we only work with those expert artisan producers who know their craft inside out. They know what will transform an article from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We do all the legwork, searching the towns and villages of Italy to find the producers that make bespoke items that you will love for years to come.

By the way, which suit do you prefer? You might have already guessed that we think the Italian wins!

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