Italian vs. English Tailoring

It is really interesting to look at the way different nationalities produce items of clothing. This Maison Leporem article looks at the differences between Italian and English tailoring.

“The English have their iconic British tailoring, while the Italians take pride in the nonchalance that their tailored suits evoke. Of course, other parts of the world have developed their own unique style over the years, but the two dominant players remain the same.”

And this is evident in so many other parts of Italian life. Nonchalance might be a word of French origin, but it is very much linked to the way us Italians live life. We don’t have a disregard for style. But we do have a disregard for the rules that might have been around for some time in other parts of the world.

Stuffy English tailoring has its place. But we Italians take a trend and make it our own. And then the rest of the world takes note. The most stylish people in the world are Italian in our experience.

And it’s the same with the items that bring to you. They have got that typical Italian style and swagger that makes you want them! Nonchalance is attractive when it is applied to deliver high quality and high fashion. Take a look at what we have to offer.

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