Is there still a place for steel road bikes in the age of carbon fibre ?

What is a bike made of? If you’d asked that question a few decades ago then you would have gotten a very different answer to the one we expect today. Carbon fiber has taken over as the material of choice. It is flexible, tough and lightweight. What isn’t there to love?

Well, if you’re a connoisseur of fine things then you might be the kind of person who looks back to the days of bikes being made from something very different. Steel. And you don’t have to buy a vintage bike to experience the beauty of a steel frame. They are here today. This blog looks at the reasons why.

“There has been a surge of new frame builders joining more established names over the past few years, all catering to the increasing number of cyclists wanting to go down the custom frame route. And custom frame building is far easier with steel than carbon and aluminum.”

And bespoke is the reason in so many industries why the traditional production methods haven’t died out. It is vitally important to keep our connections to the past. In a day where everyone wants faster and lighter, it is really heartening to see people plump for a heavier frame made from steel.

And that’s what we do with We take those traditional crafts and traditional materials and bring them directly to you from the makers.

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