Finding the Perfect Luxury Fit for your Feet

They say that if you have a good bed and a good pair of shoes that you are comfortable and happy in life. After all, if you’re not in one then you’re invariably in the other. A good pair of shoes bring about some amazing feelings. We look great, which does wonders for self-esteem. When others complement us, then we feel great about the world too.

This BBC article looks at bespoke shoes made in Italy by the finest makers. And they have hit the nail on the head with their reporting.

“The appeal of ‘a one-off’ goes beyond owning shoes that are handcrafted to match individual tastes and sensibilities: There is no need to break them in as one would with off-the-shelf footwear.”

When you look for style, handmade is the watchword you are also searching for. If a craftsman takes the time to build something with their skill, care and attention then you are very much on the right track. The BBC are totally correct – these shoes don’t need to be broken in. The quality materials and superior skill of the maker means that they are ready to wear while feeling like the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn.

And it is the same with all our leather items. They are made by people who know their craft inside out. We have sourced the finest craftsmen and women in Italy for you. The items are bespoke; they match your taste and sensibility perfectly.

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