A Comprehensive Guide for Buying the Best Leather

Leather. You might think that every piece of leather is the same as the next. After all, aren’t all cows pretty much the same? Well, leather comes in all shapes and sizes. It isn’t always easy to the untrained eye to spot the different quality levels of a leather item in the same way our artisan craftsmen and women do.

But this Octane Seating article aims to change all of that. Recognizing the quality of leather is something that you can easily pick up if you read and take the advice held in the article.

“The quality of leather varies greatly. You have most likely seen different labels on leather items, such as top grain or genuine. These are simply different types of leathers based on their quality.

They are nothing but different types of leathers based on their quality.

Now, can you get the best bang for your buck? Yes, you can.”

And that’s exactly where we want you to be. Understanding the quality of the leather items you buy from us will help you to appreciate the skill of the makers we source from all over the wonderful nation of Italy. And that’s how you will help us to spread the word to the rest of the planet. We love what we do – and we want you to love every single thing we do too. Understanding leather is just part of that process.

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