How to Care for Leather Bags

Buying an original and authentic article fills you with joy. But you want that item (and that joy) to last as long as possible. Buying a leather bag is an exciting time, even more so if that bag was produced by an artisan producer, crafted by their skilled hand. In the days of cheap and plastic, there is something permanent and quality about a leather bag.

This Luxury Insider article talks about how to look after your leather bag, so it stays with you for the long term. If you want to make the most of your leather bag, and have it stay with you for many, many years to come, follow the advice.

“A leather bag is a special, near-universally beloved object, appreciated in equal measure by bon-vivants of both sexes, who cherish the supple hand, understated burnish and heady smell that can only emanate from premium quality skin.”

And that’s where we are on this planet today. People are starting to reattach themselves to the values of sustainability and caring for quality items. Here at, we source amazing items that have been made with the upmost care and attention. And then we hand these over to you. We’d love to think that you take care of your leather items bought from us in the very same way this article suggests. Let us know in the comments below how you take care of your items – we’d love to hear any hints and tips for looking after leather goods.

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