The world's best wellness experiences

Wellness is a word that is synonymous with luxury. But there are a lot of choices. This The National Lifestyle article states –

“It’s a testimony to how much spas have evolved in the past 20 years – not to mention the past 2,000. Tap “spa” into Google and you get 3.9 billion search results.”

So, you can see that it might be difficult to work out where to look when you want absolute quality. Common brands don’t quite cut the mustard. You want exclusivity rather than going for the same old tired experience as everyone else on the block.

The article looks at the best wellness experiences. These are the kind of things that you will talk endlessly to others about, recounting how exciting it was. These are the things that you save up for, cherish and then look back on with absolute pleasure.

Wellness is a holistic approach to your life and lifestyle. It means giving yourself what the body needs and what the mind wants. Romans were the architects of the modern spa with their baths providing wellness for people across the empire millennia ago.

Look for life’s little luxuries as they are the thing that frees you and puts you on the path to happiness. Try a spa and you might find that it brings you joy today and for some time to come. If you're in Italy, the amazing experience you feel when you're in a spa will continue. When your wellness treatment is finished you will still feel it when you're surrounded by magical places, cities, people, food and everything else Italy has to offer.

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