Alfa Romeo, from Italian passion for automobiles to the Gran Turismo myth

Obsession. It can be a dirty word. But obsession in all the right ways brings delight to many people around the earth. If Alfa Romeo was judged solely on the fact that they produce a consumable item, then they would fade into the mass market. But they don’t. The people behind this famous car brand are obsessed with the design. The people who buy from them are equally obsessed with the cars. It’s a perfect match.

Milan is the home of Alfa Romeo, among other notable things such as two high level soccer teams and an opera that is the envy of the world. This Italian’s Excellence article looks at the history of the brand and how it grew from a local market to a national one and then globally. There is much to admire in this article as it looks in depth at the way this brand has grown over the years, including some insights not found elsewhere. One example is –

“The brand’s history deserves a separate space. The first ALFA emblem was a brand with a badge characterized by floral and sinuous presences, according to the liberty style’s precepts.”

Some pretty heady stuff! And that’s the kind of obsession we look for in our artisans. We want people who will put their passion into every item, so you get something that just sings quality. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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