Going solo: Everything you need to know about travelling alone

If you’ve never been to the amazing country of Italy, then now is as good a time as ever. The country is as safe as it ever has been, and this safety is part of the Walks of Italy article. We want you to come back from the land of our forefathers with stories of wonder. So when on a walking holiday, take the advice given in this article.

It includes –

“Travelling alone is among one of the best ways to discover a new destination, and for countless people it’s the only way to properly connect with a new city.”

And this is fabulous advice. We should not be worried that travelling alone can cause problems that travelling with others doesn’t. There is an amazing world out there. It’s your duty to go out there and explore it.

Italy is a country that is filled with joy. Whether you are a regular traveler, or this is your first time, getting to Italy is easy. Getting around is just as simple. There are so many choices, from the Italian Lakes at the top of the country, through the cities of the North to Florence, Rome and beyond. Italy is best experienced on the outside of a vehicle. So, a walking holiday could be the perfect thing for you. It means access to the countryside, the beautiful buildings and nature. Go on, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every step of the journey.

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