Adriano Olivetti: the “human” entrepreneur who went beyond the future

As with so many things we highlight on this page, Olivetti is an Italian brand that has made it big across the world. We believe that it is the amount of delight we have in designing something that people desire. Italians have an innate sense of style when it comes to manufacturing anything – from cars to typewriters; from clothes to accessories.

Olivetti was founded back in 1908 in the Piedmont region of Italy. And it is still going strong in terms of reputation over a hundred years later. That’s what we Italians do. We make things that are meant to last. They may be beautiful on the day they are made. But somehow the beauty increases as the years pass.

This Italian’s Excellence article looks at the story of Adriano Olivetti and what his philosophy meant to the business. We’ll let them take up the story.

“The figure of Adriano Olivetti is still shrouded today by the halo of myth, the one that surrounds the most prominent figures in the Italian cultural and industrial panorama, the one reserved for the stories of excellence.”

And that’s what happens with Italian designers. We attribute stories to their life because we believe so strongly in what they do. And you can read the stories of our artisan producers too. We have a strong heritage of sharing stories in Italy, and is no different. Let’s take some time to appreciate the people that bring these amazing articles straight to your door.

Adriano Olivetti

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