Meet Hollywood’s Go-To Watch Stylist

It’s the little things that make a big difference. It’s always been that way. Stylish isn’t just about the clothes you wear, but the accessories that go with your choice of clothing. And when it comes to the accessories that people take notice of, watches can come pretty high on that list. Robert Downey Jr wears a half a million-dollar watch, we know that from this GQ article. But who made it? That’s the question.

Jeanne Yang is the watchmaker to the rich and famous. The designs she puts together are coveted across the planet. And for good reason. They aren’t just built for style. They are built for endurance too. The punctuation in the sentence, as Yang calls it. And the article quotes her.

“It’s the salt and pepper. You know when you go have a meal and you feel like it's really great, it's beautiful but it's missing one thing? A man's arm looks bare sometimes without it.”

And that’s how we feel at We know that the little touches are what transforms the way you look and feel. Having those small items that we make about your person will help you to stand out from the crowd, just like Robert Downey Jr.


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