Ferrari Lowers the Roof and Raises the Bar With the New F8 Spider

The dream car brand for most people on the planet is the Ferrari. It has been the dream of young boys through to old men for generations to own one of these fabulous sports cars with the franking horse on the bonnet. Of course, we all know that these stylish designs are all-Italian. From the very first inceptions of the car, we have been treated to amazing style and grace as well as market-leading performance and a brand that makes the heart sing.

And the latest model is a rip-roaring success too. Carrying on with the traditions from the past, the Ferrari F8 Spider is a car that fits the Ferrari heritage right down to the ground. Designer Flavio Manzoni explains all in this Robb Report article.

“We had to fight a lot to find the perfect balance between all of the elements because there are thermal aspects, aerodynamic aspects plus the roof panels. So, you can imagine the complexities of all that, but the result is very beautiful—it’s full of character.”

When you read the article, you will start to get an idea of the passion and design that goes into a wonderful car like this. The different elements all come together perfectly to deliver something that looks amazing and performs at the highest level.

That’s why we bring Italian design straight to your door. We know that every care will have been taken to ensure it is just right for you.

Ferrari F8 Spider

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