Meet The Fashion Entrepreneur Who's Putting The 'Chic' In Geek At D23

Can chic and geek go together? The geek has long been looked at as unfashionable to the point there they are satirized on TV and in the movies. But one designer has taken a look at the way all of this sits and doesn’t quite agree.

Tony Kim is probably the epitome of geek – he is a former comics blogger – who has a sartorial bent that is turning heads. The Hero Within fashion range is all his doing. He lets the geeks of the world fly their own colors loud and proud. And there’s a great deal of joy to be had with this.

Looking the part is now available to everyone on the planet. There’s no exclusion in fashion.

A Forbes article highlights the way that Kim has embraced geek culture in his designs.

“Kim’s designs feature subtle integration of logos, colors and iconography from comics, fantasy and science fiction properties in well-designed, well-fitting garments for men and women.”

And he showcased his designs at a Disney celebration – the House of Mouse now owns geek-centered brands such as Star Wars and Marvel. And it goes to show that something stylish is something stylish, no matter what the audience. Here at, we salute the fashion trailblazers of the world.

Tony Kim

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