Guide to a Perfect Vacation in Franciacorta—Italy's Secret Lake-Side Wine Region

You would think for a country that is relatively small, that we would know all about every square inch of Italy. Of course, we know all about Rome, Pisa and Venice. But it is always surprising to outsiders that there are so many hidden gens in this amazing country of contrasts.

The Italian lakes have come and gone in the consciousness of the world. We hear that George Clooney has bought a place there. We hear that it is beautiful. But we don’t often hear of the amazing corner of Italy known as Franciacorta. It sits only around an hour from Milan, so is easily accessible. Yet it is relatively untouched in comparison to the more famous areas locally such as Milan itself, Venice, Lake Como, Lake Garda and Verona.

This Marie Claire article gives the lowdown on this wonderful part of this wonderful country.

“Enchanting vineyards dot the hills—where grapes have been growing since Roman times—and towns straight out of a storybook line the shores. Just south of the snow-capped Alps, no trip to Northern Italy should be considered complete without a side-trip to Franciacorta.”

This nation is filled with quirky and different places and people. And that’s why we are able to bring you unique items. Some of which will only be made by a handful of artisans in some remote and hidden corner of Italy. You benefit from some one-off items.


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