Vespa, Italy to conquer the world on two wheels

Italian design crosses the world. There are so many iconic designs that originated in this amazing country. One thing that ties all of these designs together is the absolute sense of style that they have, Other countries may deliver products that are functional or useful. Italy produces things that look amazing. Time after time. It’s just what we do.

The Vespa is a style icon the world over. How could such a simple thing look so amazing? That’s the way that us Italians work! We find the best design for something is the one that appeals to the eye the most. And many of the things we have designed stand the test of time. They become timeless classics that people still covet decades after they first arrived in the consciousness of the public.

This Italian’s Excellence article puts it perfectly.

‘“I want a vehicle that puts the country on two wheels, but not a traditional motorcycle. And above all, it must be cheap.“ With these words Enrico Piaggio entrusted the engineer Corradino D’Ascanio with the task of creating what would become one of the symbols of Italy in the world: the Vespa.’

And that’s wat we do at We deliver items to you that will stand the test of time – looking just as great in several years’ time as they do right now. Look to us for style and grace. Always trust an Italian with this kind of thing!

Vespa Piaggio

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