How Italian Heritage Linen Brand Frette Expanded Into A Global Lifestyle Success Story

One of the most difficult design projects to get right is home furnishings. People are very particular about what they want from a sofa, for example. This is a purchase that takes a lot of time and decision-making. Large sums of money are involved. That’s when you call for an Italian! Their sense of style and what looks great help home furnishings to look and feel amazing.

Time changes the way we look and feel about what we buy. Trends and fashions have become a driving factor in many purchase decisions. What we loved ten years ago might not even get a look-in now. That’s why we look for timeless pieces that transcend fashion. Items that are incredibly well designed and made look great no matter what the trends are saying.

This Forbes report talks about the fashion house Frette that has built up a reputation for design excellence with home furnishings. The story unfolds –

“Frette operates more than 100 boutiques worldwide, retails online and provides bespoke services to the most illustrious client list in its sector.”

Frette have been around for many years, with an eye for style that has been seen in illustrious venues including St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. We look for similar exclusivity and style with all the pieces we select for you. prides itself on delivering classic items that will stay with you for a very long time. They don’t get superseded by new trends. They are also made to last.

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