Meet Wil Whiting, the Bespoke Shirtmaker Who Spends 12 Hours on a Single Shirt

The shirt. It looks like a humble item of clothing that is always outdone by the suit and tie. But you can tell when a shirt just doesn’t look right. It spoils the whole setup, standing out like a sore thumb. You know it, the people around you know it. And you can’t take your mind off it, checking the mirror in the washroom, catching your reflection in any shiny surface.

Wil Whiting knows your pain. He is a bespoke shirt maker who spends an inordinate amount of time making sure each shirt he produces is just perfect. He couldn’t find the kind of shirts he wanted for his job. So, he went out and made them himself.

This Robb Report article lifts the lid on the way Whiting and his team operate, stating that, “Whiting’s workshop spends on each customer’s shirt. The four seamstresses he’s recruited and trained spend in excess of 12 hours on every shirt between them.”

It is this level of dedication to excellence that we admire so much. It is the level of dedication that we look for in our artisan producers. And that’s because we are proud of our name and brand. We protect it at all costs by working with high end producers that love what they do. We’re sure you can feel the love!

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