How to Eat Like an Italian and Other Foodie Questions

It is one of those eternal questions – how to eat like an Italian. We have a way of eating that just doesn’t translate to anywhere else on the planet. And Italians live long, happy lives because of the food and the way we eat it. The Mediterranean diet is coveted across the globe. And this Italy Magazine lifts the lid somewhat on how to eat like an Italian. For example, they tell you what to do at every meal of the day. Here is their pre-dinner tip -

“Around 8pm, order a cocktail that is appropriately bitter (usually an Aperol Spritz) and then snack on whatever is nearby. The bitterness is supposed to get the gastric juices flowing.”

It is details like this that help you to fit in with the locals when you visit Italy. The country has little differences in different regions. But generally, the way we eat is the same. Our diet helps us stay happy and healthy for decade after decade.

And it is these small details that make all the difference. It’s what we do here at We look at the producers who love small details. They are the ones that will deliver something you just can’t get anywhere else. All of our items are made with love, care and attention. That means you benefit from all of this with every item you get from us. Take a look at what we have to offer and you will see the difference these small details make.

If you ever visit Italy and eat like a local then drop us a photo or two – we’d love to see!

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