Italian fashion: sartorial tradition, creativegenius, passion for timeless elegance

Italian style and fashion are envied the world over. Coming from humble traditions, Italians have made the most of the raw materials at their fingertips. Whether it is food or clothing (or anything else for that matter) Italians have an innate feeling of what looks and feels amazing. High fashion, sports cars and high cuisine are some of the items that have been exported all over the world from their home in Italy. This tradition has been around for centuries and exists to the modern day.

The Italian’s Excellence website looks at the way Italian traditions have been exported across the planet. The introduce Italian fashion houses and show what they have delivered to the world, with the intro -.

“Here is a rundown of the main Italian fashion houses, names that have made and continue to make the history of global fashion, with a total turnover of over 90 billion euro.”

This is all generated off the back of the innate sense of style Italians have. And that is just what we do here at – bring you some of the most exclusive and stylish items made in the old country. We are incredibly proud of our traditions, as well as the people we partner with. Our producers have style and grace in mind with every movement. They have mastered the art of making something amazing. We find them and bring these items to you.

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