The Soul Of Italian Cuisine Pulses Beside Saint Tropez In France

Italy is famous for a few things – fast cars, fashionable style and food are probably the three that come to mind when you speak to most people. Italian food has travelled the world and is the most popular choice from Europe to the Americas and beyond. Just think of your favorite dishes and an Italian classic is probably in there somewhere.

Now one of the parts of the world where it is incredibly difficult to import other cuisines is France. Just like Italy, they have their own traditions and are fiercely proud of their own food. One of the examples of this is the relatively small number of McDonalds restaurants they have in the nation.

Like Italy, the locals fight any attempts to open a fast food chain in their land of heavenly cuisine.

So, it is rare for an Italian restaurant to do so well in France. This Forbes expose looks at a restaurant that has married French and Italian cuisine to great effect.

“Chef Paolo Amadori integrates Italian and French cuisine by trimming bulk while keeping flavor and adding elegance to traditional dishes. Amadori and his wife Francesca own the restaurant La Forge in the town of Ramatuelle, a fifteen-minute drive south of Saint-Tropez.”

The restaurant is loved by locals and tourists alike. And this is part of the traditions of great artists. They take influence from different sources to deliver something completely new and original. That’s what we look for in our artisans – so we can bring this joy to you.

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