Inside Goyard, the World’s Most Elusive Luxury Brand

It is a rare thing to see behind the scenes at Goyard, dubbed the world’s most exclusive brand. In fact, it is that exclusive that many people, have never heard of this luxury brand. Mystery surrounds all they do, as if this was part of their marketing plan. For those who love all the brand brings, they would rather this stayed as exclusive as it already is. This is a French luxury designer house in keeping with French traditions of style and grace. It’s just the way us Europeans operate.

This Marie Claire article looks behind the scenes as Goyard as they let people in for a rare look at what they do. They talk about how the brand started, with origins in royalty –

“Among Goyard’s most revered clients were The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who bought their first Goyard pieces in the 1930s and eventually became collectors, with a portfolio of Goyard-designed trunks, cases, travel bags, suitcases, hat boxes, pet accessories and more.”

This fashion brand doesn’t sell online and never advertises. Their clientele is the elite across the world. But you don’t have to have a bank account with 6, 7 or 8 zeroes to access some of the best designs. At, we bring exclusive, handmade and items with only a handful made from across the other European capital of style - Italy. Get that same under-the-radar style and feel that Goyard offers from us.

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