Okay, but What Does “Sustainable Fashion” Actually Mean?

Sustainable fashion had become a watchword over the last few years. We are more aware every single day of our life that the world’s precious resources are finite. Rather than disposable fashion that has landed in the shopping malls near you over the last decade or so, we are seeing a trend to classic piece that will last a long time. Production values are everything in this world. Make something to last, sell it to someone who will look after it and we save the planet together.

But without looking deeper, we don’t know the actions behind the words sustainable fashion. What actually does it mean?

Cosmopolitan have delved deep into this trend to see what it means to the planet – and to you. The blog states that the purpose of the blog is to answer the following question –

“You love shopping but you also love the environment—and yes, you can have both. Here, designer Mara Hoffman and Amour Vert CEO Aaron Hoey, who use nice-to-the-earth practices in their businesses, define all the words you need in your vocab.”

Shopping sustainably can have a huge impact on the environment. If everyone who reads this article makes some simple changes to their buying habits, then we could see a big change in the world. At YourMadeInItaly.com, we source sustainable products. Making quality items from quality materials means that you get something to treasure and use time after time.

We can look after our fragile planet together if only we make some changes. Are you with us?

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