More exclusive than the top brands: Handmade in Italy

Buying a luxury brand isn’t just about the materials or the way it looks. Although these are really important, the story behind the products is an important factor in making a buying decision. The top designer brands have a story behind them. The way they were founded, the decisions that brought them to where they are today. It’s all part of the beautiful fabric that comes together for you to buy.

Masters of their work are few and far between. There are only a few at the very top of their game, making pieces that are something to behold. The Italian word for this is Maestro. And we can see some maestros at play when we read the words of this Charme Adventure article. Let’s take a look…

“The Italian word Maestro is used all over the world to describe a master of an art, or a craft too. In Italy, indeed, great artisanal knowledge has been nurtured through centuries, mostly throughout family traditions, evolving into a top-level luxury craftsmanship that is at the core of "made in Italy" style.”

And at, we look for the maestros of their art wherever they are in the old country. We scour the countryside looking for the kind of artisans that provide the highest quality products just for you. Our maestros have that same made in Italy style as the ones in this article. And we deliver them directly to you so you can experience high style in your home.

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