Vespa, Italy to conquer the world on two wheels

Say it quietly. In among all of the fuss and furor over Italian motor brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, there is one on two wheels that is known across the world. Vespa maybe doesn’t have the power or speed of the other brands. But it is instantly recognizable as a beautifully designed piece of equipment. That’s quite simply what Italians do.

The Vespa might look humble from the outside, but never underestimate it. This is a simple vehicle in terms of the way it performs and the function it carries. But it is a far more interesting thing when you look at the sheer elegance of this simple thing. It could only be designed in Italy.

It has become a symbol of Italian elegance, as described in this Italian’s Excellence blog. “Raise your hand if you have not dreamed of taking a Vespa ride through the streets of Rome at least once. Yes, just like Princess Anne and journalist Joe Bradley. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck glued to the big screen the whole world in 1953. “Roman Holiday” recorded the box office record, but the real protagonist of the film remains the Vespa Piaggio.

Here at, we look for makers of beautiful things and bring them to you. Just like the Vespa, this is style that you can count on.

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