How to Wear a Well-Tailored Suit on a Hot Summer Day

There is so much advice out there for women to look amazing. Men get left in the shade a little when it comes to how to dress. It looks and feels quite easy to dress well for a summer wedding, for example. Just throw on a suit, right? But there’s far more to it than that. Looking great makes you feel great too. Never underestimate the power of your clothing to change the way you feel about yourself and life in general.

This Robb Report blog talks about how to best wear a suit on a Summer day. “At its best, a summer wedding suit can be a little more sophisticated, even glamorous, than your more sober business suiting, exhibiting the kind of polished, confident tailoring you’d want for a more formal affair. That means no outré colors or corporate stripes, please. Warm, dusty pinks, understated taupe or dove gray will all age well. Your look should also be as comfortable as it is sharp—but not too sharp, lest you detract from more important attendees (say, the bride).

And don’t forget the accessories. Having a beautiful suit is one thing. But a belt, keyring, wallet and all the other items that take it to the next level are vitally important. Think about the whole outfit and you will look a million dollars every time.

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