Donatella Versace Has Long Been a Gay Icon. Now It’s Official.

It has been fifty years since the Stonewall uprising and all it did for gay rights across the world. Donatella Versace visited the Stonewall Inn to commemorate this. She has long been a gay icon, as was her brother who founded the fashion house that bears the family name. Known in the article as the high priestess of Italian fashion, Donatella sets fashion trends. Her support for the gay rights movement has been longstanding and is most welcome.

This The New York Times article talks through the day of Donatella as she worked her way across the country for the event. “She wore checkered orange and blue Pucci-like pants from the Versace spring 2019 collection. Her white T-shirt was emblazoned with a rainbow flag made from Swarovski crystals, in the center of which was her company logo. Her jewelry was basically all gold.”

Embrace all you are and all you have in life. You never know where it might take you. Donatella Versace has taken on the role left behind by the tragic killing of her brother. In this role she has seen the brand go from strength to strength. Having a strong following in many communities is key to her success. Long live the high priestess! And long live the support she has from the gay community.

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