Fast Cars, Slow Food: Emilia-Romagna’s Motor Valley

For a fairly small country, Italy packs a large punch. There are so many facets to this nation. They have led the world in many areas for centuries. The Emilia-Romagna part of Italy is known principally for two things - fast cars and slow food. Not a bad combination on our opinion!

Getting to know this part of the world should really be on your bucket list, no matter what age you are. There are some little-known gems across the region. All you need is a little guidance on how to find these sparkling gems.

This Italy Magazine blog shines a light on a part of Italy not that well-known outside of the nation. “Museo Ferrari’s spectacular exhibit of Ferraris through the ages is surrounded by captivating multiscreen film footage of the founder’s innovations. Ferrari Museum Maserati’s museum exhibit, “A Century of Victories” features 100 works of art by Enzo Naso and Beppe Zagaglia.”

Emilia-Romagna is just one of the amazing parts of this beautiful country we call home. Each region has its own passions, its own interests, its own life. We look across the nation of Italy for the finest artisans in the most obscure regions so that you can get the best the country has to offer.

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