How to Build a More Valuable Car Collection According to the Experts at CollectionSuites

Collecting. It is a passion for so many people. Whether it is football cards or cars, people who collect have an insatiable appetite for their desire. But most don’t have a bottomless pit of money. So, when experts in collecting have something to say on the matter, the most avid collectors are there to hear their every word.

CollectionSuites founder and CEO Juan Manuel Fayen offers a number of tips on how to start a car collection. This is one of the items that people covet the world over, alongside expensive watches and holiday homes. Having a luxury car collection is a status symbol of wealth and an eye for the beautiful.

This Robb Report article shares the tips and ideas of Fayen. Unsurprisingly for a car collector, he talks about the Ferrari as the Holy Grail of cars. Italian style is admired the world over. The Ferrari is the perfect embodiment of style, grace and power. Let’s catch up with what Fayen has to offer.

No matter what a collector’s preferences may be—whether they’re into German autos or American muscle cars—there’s one brand that everyone is interested in. “Ferrari is the number one for everybody who knows a little bit about collecting cars. In fact, as far as he’s concerned, every collection should have one of the Italian sports cars. “If you want to invest in cars, you need to have at least one Ferrari.

And if you cover fine things, we can help. Take a look at the fantastic items on offer. You can build a pretty impressive collecting of artisan leather goods in no time at all.

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