History of the Ferrari’s success: from the origins to the first worldwide victory

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there aren’t many beholders who don’t see the innate and classic beauty in a Ferrari. These cars have gone from local Italian passion to the worldwide leader in sports car excellence. The design and performance are often imitated but never matched.

Italy is the land of design and style. We do everything with a grace and fashion that cannot be matched anywhere else on the planet. It’s in our blood.

A brand that has been in existence since the 1920’s must have something going for it. We love all that Ferrari represent. It matches out own vision. As Italians, we look at beauty with everything we do.

Italian’s Excellence have written a piece looking backwards (and forwards) at the beauty and drive to excellence of the Ferrari family, from road cars to the Formula One Team. “When we thinking about “Ferrari”, indeed, we think immediately to the italian’s style value and peculiarities: in short, is becoming one of the symbols of the italiannes.”

This is the way Italians think about all they do. Excellence really comes as standard. And at YourMadeInItaly.com, we have the same outlook. We take our time to bring you the finest items from artisan designers across the country of Italy.

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